movie director, writer & graphic designer
Here you can watch some videos that I did
Carlos Vin Lopes is the Director/Writer of the Film Production Company The Worldrooms based in Berlin - Germany.
The Worldrooms
I directed the new
MUSIC VIDEO for the Swedish musician "Ru"
You can watch here my web series "Blind Data"
In "Blind Data", a group of scientists is determined to put this piece of popular wisdom to the test and signs two complete strangers as blindfolded subjects in a duplicitous experiment.

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Prize and Festivals
The series was nominated at Ottawa International Film Festival, Lisbon International Film Festival and nominated in 4 categories at Die Seriale Festival
(Best Series, Best actress, Best supporting actor and Best Script)
"Blind Data" won the Jury Prize at die Seriale 2017.
  1. Book Invitation
    Book Invitation
    I was Invited by the publishing company Hesign (Germany / China) to be part of the book One by One – a registration of contemporary artists.
  2. Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
    I directed the upcoming music video of the german band "Arionce".
  3. New Series in 2018
    New Series in 2018
    In 2018 we are going to release a new web series called "Up Up".
  4. Magazine Invitation
    Magazine Invitation
    The Design Magazine "Gallery - the world best graphics" invited me to present some of my work.
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